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A health & healing boutique for women living with cancer.

LifeChanges Boutique is committed to providing the products, services and support that women need after a cancer diagnosis. Although our boutique specializes in products for women, we also offer products and services for men. We are dedicated to helping through all stages of the process, from providing resources for free mammograms to helping understand treatment options, what comes next, what products and garments may make things easier and help you maintain your self esteem and appearance, support through treatment and resources and products for survivorship after treament ends. We offer a comfortable, private environment where you can feel at ease asking questions and searching for answers and resources during this life changing time in your life.

Our Mission

LifeChanges Boutique, Inc. is committed to providing women living with cancer the tree-of-lifeproducts, supplies, information and support they need to help them deal with the effects of treatment and the life changes they will experience while helping them to maintain their dignity and self assurance throughout their cancer experience.

Our Services

Services provided by LifeChanges Boutique

Bra Fittings


Diana Klunk is a BOC Certified Mastectomy Fitter. She has completed specialized training from several national bra, lingerie and prosthesis suppliers and also has hundreds of hours of experience. Proper measuring and fitting for a bra and prosthesis are critical to provide adequate support and balance as well as symmetry after breast surgery. Diana can help women who have had mastectomies (single or bi-lateral) as well as help restore balance to women who have lost tissue due to a lumpectomy or other breast procedures.

Ideally, LifeChanges Boutique prefers to meet with women PRIOR TO any surgery. There are products designed to be worn at different stages of the process, including post surgical camisoles and bras with drain containment and constructed of specially treated fabrics to help with the healing process. If you or someone you know is scheduled for breast surgery, please call LifeChanges to set up a free consultation.
At LifeChanges we also offer fitting services for women who have never had breast surgery but are in need of a properly fit and supportive bra.

These collections feature lingerie ranges with a perfect fit up to H-cup. Are you looking for a bra which looks sensuous and luxurious? Or are you more the straightforward, sporty type? Perhaps you are looking for a figure-shaping body?

LifeChanges Boutique features lingerie which meets all tastes and lifestyles. Matching briefs, hipsters and thongs are available to go with the bra styles. There is also a wide choice of swimsuits, bikinis and tankinis to choose from.


Lymphedema Management



Lymphatic obstruction is a blockage of the lymph vessels that drain fluid from tissues throughout the body and allow immune cells to travel where they are needed. Lymphatic obstruction may cause lymphedema, which means swelling due to a blockage of the lymph passages. The most common reason for lymphatic obstruction is the removal or enlargement of the lymph nodes. The main symptom is persistent (chronic) swelling, usually of the arm or leg.

Lymphedema is a chronic disease that usually requires lifelong management. In some cases, lymphedema improves with time. However, some swelling is usually permanent.

There are also many other chronic venous, DVT, edema or varicose vein conditions which can be managed with wearing properly fitted compression garments.  It is very important to be measured and fitted for the properly type and compression level garment to control these conditions. At LifeChanges we represent the leading brands in medical grade compression, including Medi, Jobst, Juzo and Lymphedivas.  A few insurances provide coverage for these items, and if purchased through a Durable Medical Equipment provider such as LifeChanges Boutique, we will file your claim for you to take advantage of your benefits, assuming it is a covered item and we participate with your plan.

Diana Klunk is a certified Elvarex compression fitter, and has completed several specialized training courses for proper measuring and fitting of compression garments. Although Lymphedema is a chronic condition, wearing properly fitted compression garments can help make it more manageable. Most patients are referred to LifeChanges by their physician, physical therapist or specially trained Lymphedema therapist. Diana has also received training in the Lebed Method/Healthy Steps, a specialized exercise program designed to help prevent and manage Lymphedema through exercise and dance.

Call LifeChanges to schedule a consultation on how compression garments and exercise might make your condition easier to manage.

Compression Garments

You can benefit from compression garments whether you suffer from tired aching legs because you spend too much time standing or sitting, or suffer from more serious problems like swelling and venous disease or Lymphedema of the upper or lower extremities.

At LifeChanges we fit all genders, shapes and sizes from tall to petite, large frame to small. We offer a wide range of colors and styles to meet your needs from vendors such as JobstJuzo and Farrow Medical. Custom garments are available to provide the ultimate in compression therapy for the long term management of vascular and lymphedema conditions. The custom garment is made to the exact dimensions of the affected limb and provides accurate and consistent gradient compression to manage the symptoms.

Call or use our web form for more information on how we may be able to help you with your compression needs.



LifeChanges Boutique offers an extensive selection of free literature from reliable sources on all types of cancer and treatment. We encourage people to become knowledgable about their diagnosis and ask questions to more fully understand their condition and treatment. As a cancer survivor, Diana can offer tips on what to expect and what questions may be helpful to ask your medical team. There are also books and DVD’s available for purchase, for your own use or to give as a gift to someone living with a cancer diagnosis.


Cancer Resources

Websites specializing in cancer related information and charities.


Ashlee Lawrence, Licensed PA Cosmetologist and Wig Professional, has helped hundreds of women (and a few men and children) select options to deal with medical hair loss.  She specializes in helping you select the style, color and fit you are looking for.  Chemo induced hair loss is a temporary condition in most cases.  She will help you find a wig that helps you look and feel like yourself, or take advantage of an opportunity for a totally new LifeChanges look! Subtle differences in hair fibers, stylability and ease of care and will be discussed and wigs designed to fit your face shape, complexition and lifestyle will be recommended.  For those dealing with more long term hair loss due to alopecia or other medical conditions, we offer human hair wigs and can also work with you to find a custom made wig designed especially for you.  After years of experience, we have selected offer a few of the industry’s leading wig manufacturers’ products to our clients, based on the quality, durabilty, natural look and affordability of the products.  Some insurance companies may pay for wigs (or a portion thereof) for hair loss due to treatment.  Call the customer service number on the back of your insurance card to ask if code A9282, Chemo-induced Alopecia, is covered, then call us for an appointment to experiment with styles and colors until we find the perfect wig for you!  If your insurance does not cover a wig, you may qualify for assistance through a few local organizations.  We can discuss this at your appointment.

A wig is not always an option for everyone.  Some women prefer to wear scarves, hats, or nothing at all on their heads while experiencing hair loss.  This is definitely and individualized and personal decision that each woman shopuld make.  Come see our broad selection of products that may be available, and then decide!

We also offer complimentary wig styling with purchase, as well as head shaving for those who are losing their hair and want to be rid of it.  This is a very emotional yet empowering part of the proicess, and we are honored to be a part of it should you require our services.